Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hey Chief! What's happenin...?

If you know me, you know that I'm pretty good at articulating my feelings. So i myself find it so strange that i've yet to post just a regular blog on how we are doing on this journey of grief and loss. Maybe that's cause the few of you who actually read this already know and i didn't want to bore you with repetition and sadness. But i've just gotta...

The days leading up to Mitch and Travis' bdays were odd. Mitch and I were pretty distant, unable to express any emotions or even get a grasp on how to handle (or not handle) them. It wasn't until a week or so after that weekend that we kind of realized how angry we were and the reasons for it.

I was looking at the pictures of the birthday party. There was a family shot. And it was kind of the first one i didn't mind posting of myself. (hard on myself with the baby(s) weight) But i sat there and just let it wash over me that our family of 4 is only visible to US. When you look at a family pic of us, you might say "oh how sweet." or even "oh..that would have been nice..if she didn't have icing in her teeth." But i look at it and say "one of us is missing..." And i wonder now...will i ALWAYS feel that way? Will i ever, for the rest of my life, ever look at a family shot of us and not immediately think of the one who isn't there? And then comes the anger....

When we have the birthdays, the gatherings, the what should have been HER firsts...when i think about this year (oct9,08 - 0ct9,09)...when i think about it being almost 8 months, i LONG for that 1 year anniversary. I LONG for this FIRST year to be OVER. I want it to be the day after the one year anniversary. I want to be done with these firsts. They SUCK. In the past, i didn't want any time to pass because it meant it was one more day since i'd held her in my arms. It meant it was further away from her. But now, i just want this year to be done. Made it threw year one, check. Next....

Most of my friends who were pregnant with me for baby #1...have had or are having their #2's. So i feel like i'm missing out on the conversations and sharing on how hard it is to juggle two now. Or watching my friends walk out with their babies in the stroller and their firsts tagging along behind. I wonder how travis would be with his little sister. I wonder if he knows he's a big brother. The reason i wonder this is because my friend Kathy came over yesterday with her #2, a baby girl - Naomi Jane. She is, so far, the only baby GIRL i've held...will hold. So far. So travis has been asking about her a LOT. When i mention going to play with the kids, he always asks if 'baby nomi" will be there. So when Kathy laid Naomi on the couch, travis crawled pretty much over kathy, to perch up on top of baby Naomi and just say, over and over again "hi baby girl...hi...hi baby girl.." It was gut wrenching and glorious all at once. Even later, when Mitch got home, and i asked travis to tell daddy what he said to the little girl that was here, he repeated it just the same.

Last night, i went to my little sisters dance recital. Allissa is almost 7. This is, i believe, her 4th recital. But i always go. I'd never miss it. But this year...was almost painful. I wasn't feeling particularly sad that day. I didn't feel like i'd been holding back or anything. But when i saw all those little girls dancing, and all the family that gathered around to praise the girls and oooh and aww over hit me that i might not ever get to be a mommy to a baby girl here on earth. What if Cana was my only? What if years down the road, when i have all boys, someone asks me "so do you want to try for a girl?" and i want to shout "but i HAVE a girl!" (this happened to a girl in my support group.)

All in all, we still don't have anger towards God for this..but i realize that if we are angry with PEOPLE, then aren't we angry with God? I don't want to be angry, but in our trying to find hope in people, we've just been so let down. How do you have hope without expectation? We are still learning. Still growing. Still grieving. Please don't stop asking us how we are. And if you haven't asked us because you are afraid we'll "get sad," please be assured that we LOVE sharing about her. We LOVE when people ask. Or when people share a thought they had of her, esp. out of the blue. We love knowing she might have had an impact on your life. It really does make it better, even if just for that moment.


  1. I think it is so good that you blog about this so that we can know you better and hopefully be a better friend to you as a result. Please know that she is missed by us, too. I think of you as a "mom of 2" and, Lord willing, He will add to that number in the future. Please continue to give us little "glimpses" of the emotions and phases that you go through because your insight is so helpful!

  2. My heart aches reading this post. I pray for you all every day to have strength to get through this, and that every day you will be able to obtain more peace than the day before. God bless your beautiful family. Love, Chad, Kim and the boys.

  3. Thank you so much for writing about this. It is so good that you put it in words for others to read about how you are feeling. I pray that God will give you more words and that he will give you and Mitch the warmth of his love as you share your lifestory with others.