Monday, June 1, 2009

Travis' 2nd bday (oh and Mitch's bday too!)

A little something to make the family happy..some pics of our memorial weekend,which fell on Travis' 2nd and Mitch's 37th bday's.
We enjoyed a small gathering at the house on friday, 22nd, and then the rest of the weekend, we basically just hung around here enjoying all the fun new toys and the beautiful weather.

Travis got some much needed new clothes and a pretty decent start up collection of match box cars. We also treated him to a water table and a sand table. He likes to mix the two. Mom doesn't like the clean up of that neat trick. But my OCD is learning to take a backseat to the fun in the mess. I'm finding the joy in just watching him get messy. And wrigley likes the fact that she now has a giant water bowl that she doesn't have to bend down to drink from.

We also had a play date here at the house last friday. Bethany and her boys, Tye (2.5) and Jax (4 mo's) , Jamie and her boys Asher (2+) and Jude (10 mo's). They were a blast! Most of the time, it's independent play, but every once in a while, they'd scuffle over who gets to hold the birthday balloons still floating around. I, however, am enamored with Jude (my dude) and he is just as in love with me. The best part about us is that he doesn't mind that I haven't lost the baby weight yet, and i don't mind that he hasn't.

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  1. Adorable! Thanks for being understanding about Jude's rolls--it's just more to love, ya know ;)