Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Easter Sunday

Our Easter celebration was full of new memories to hold on to and cherish. We went to the 11 o'clock mass at st. martha's and for the first time, had to attend the "spill over" mass in the FLC. It was bilingual..which was....neat. I really wouldn't call it bilingual since every song we sang was in spanish's the same Jesus. And we still celebrate the resurrection, so hey, let's not be picky. Alleluia sounds the same in spanish anyways.

After mass, we were invited to Jeanne's oldest daughter's house..the Brown's...and they had quite the spread! Melanie and Kevin have 3 children and Jeanne's other daughter, Bridget (she sang at our wedding and Cana's funeral) and Steve have 3 children lots of fun for travis! He really tries to keep up. The grownup boys coordinated the egg hunt, outside, on the lake side/shore ...Travis remembered "uncle ray" teaching him how to skip rocks. So that must be what he should do with the eggs. Mitch spent pretty much the entire time blocking travis' shots into the water. It was hilarious!
We had also had our own egg hunt at home that morning, so travis learned pretty quickly that the eggs that make "noise" have "moneys" in them. So when we got to melanie's, at the egg hunt, he would pick up an egg, shake it, and if it didn't make noise, his first response was to put it back down. Guess he doesn't have a sweet tooth?

Friday, May 15, 2009

HA HA TOLD YOU SO! (Mitch's First blog)

I spent a week listening to Chris tell me that she really believed she had type II diabetes, and well I know she felt anxious and concerned that her blood sugar was too high and for me to come home with a tub of Pralines and Cream ice cream didn't help, but I wasn't as convinced as she was. So she went to see her doctor today and it turns out that she doesn't have it and that she was worrying her pretty little mind over a reading she was basing off of her gestational diabetes score. Turns out she was just tired. Travis seems to do that to even the most energetic of people.

While Chris was gone today, Travis locked himself, Wrigley (our dog) and Eliza (babysitter) out of the house for 3 hours!!! It's cool cause Eliza kept him hydrated with sips from the waterhose outside (Eliza you rule!!!).

Chris took a well deserved night off and spent it with friends while I took Travis out to dinner. We went to La Madeline where he flirted with the girls around us and ate half a quiche. He's such an awesome boy...amazes me that he's our son! I think he really digs riding around in daddy's truck as he likes to brag in public about it.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and please continue to do so! We love and pray for y'all as well! Good Night!

One more week 'til Travis and I share our B-Days!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 in 2

So i'm two for two..and that's not in blogs, it's days to the gym. today is day 3. however, a rough night makes for no motivation. BUT, (and it's a big butt).....i made a committment and while YOU don't need me telling you every time i go to the gym, it does help ME to get er done.

I'm having a hard time listening to "Imagination Movers" while i work out tho. Mitch uploaded a TON of "travis mix" onto the mp3 player for our drive to rockport this past weekend. AND deleted my "work out mix."

There are some sweet jams on there tho.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Can i get a what-what?

what-what! Two posts in two days. that's right. I'm awesome.

So let's just put it out there, shall we? I'm pretty sure i have TYPE II diabetes. Now, let me be clear on something. I used to be a gym rat. I have yo yo lost weight (i won't say yo yo dieting because i never really could take on the food limitations) but i HAVE lost 50 pounds and 48 pounds at two different times in my life.

Once at 16 and once at 26. Now i'm not waiting till 36 to do this again.

And we're gonna attempt to double that number.

Here is my commitment to the few of you who read this...and to myself...
I'm going to lose 100 lbs.

However, i will not put a time limit on myself. Just gonna do it. It could take a year. Which would be ideal because we want to get pregnant again. Or i might break it up into two 50's cause we DO want to get on that baby bus before next summer.

so if you see me around, wink. I need all the encouragement i can get.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Ok ok...i told you this would wind up on the "stuff i feel guilty for neglecting" list...but seriously, jamie, i can't take the pressure of coming up with fun stuff that i think people would actually WANT to read...the way i feel when i'm with you.....wait, WHAT? i just went into dirty dancing quotes there...sorry, lack of sleepishness. yes, it's a word.

I guess i can share how we just spent the weekend with mitch's parents for mother's day...and how i thought that sunday was the 9th, so when i realized it was the 10th, it was like the 9th never existed, so i never got the chance to "be sad." (for those of you newbies, the 9th is the anniversary "date" of my daughter's death) Anyhoosits, the overnight visit was blessed and even tho it's a lot of work to get down there (rockport) and then chase travis the whole time, it was wonderful to get to witness travis' awesomeness through the eyes of his grandparents. they met the need that mitch and i have to have that "normal" grandparent experience. They are enamored with him..not afraid to interact and bond..and it was just so fun!

on a side note, travis LOVES raw onions! Yeah..i'm starting to wonder if i dreamt birthing him and maybe he's some one else's offspring. because i HATE raw onions. I will even pick them off of a mcdonald's reg. hamburger...if i ate mcdonald's. cause i don't. nope. i'm stronger than that. no no..wait..i'm not. i not so secretly LOVE mcdonald's. i'm sorry. judge me.

oh..ok so getting back to travis...we were eating burgers (NOT mcdonalds) at home and he stuck his hand in the bowl of onions and just started munching. Like full on, grabbing for more. Then he picked up a sliced onion, and laid it on his face, even tilting his head back a bit so as to not let it fall. Then he made sure everyone at the table saw it before it fell. He's never done this with food before. He was quite the ham this weekend. And we got a refresher course on our abc's because that is the ONLY song he would sing. The entire drive there.

happy now, jamie?