Monday, May 11, 2009


Ok ok...i told you this would wind up on the "stuff i feel guilty for neglecting" list...but seriously, jamie, i can't take the pressure of coming up with fun stuff that i think people would actually WANT to read...the way i feel when i'm with you.....wait, WHAT? i just went into dirty dancing quotes there...sorry, lack of sleepishness. yes, it's a word.

I guess i can share how we just spent the weekend with mitch's parents for mother's day...and how i thought that sunday was the 9th, so when i realized it was the 10th, it was like the 9th never existed, so i never got the chance to "be sad." (for those of you newbies, the 9th is the anniversary "date" of my daughter's death) Anyhoosits, the overnight visit was blessed and even tho it's a lot of work to get down there (rockport) and then chase travis the whole time, it was wonderful to get to witness travis' awesomeness through the eyes of his grandparents. they met the need that mitch and i have to have that "normal" grandparent experience. They are enamored with him..not afraid to interact and bond..and it was just so fun!

on a side note, travis LOVES raw onions! Yeah..i'm starting to wonder if i dreamt birthing him and maybe he's some one else's offspring. because i HATE raw onions. I will even pick them off of a mcdonald's reg. hamburger...if i ate mcdonald's. cause i don't. nope. i'm stronger than that. no no..wait..i'm not. i not so secretly LOVE mcdonald's. i'm sorry. judge me.

oh..ok so getting back to travis...we were eating burgers (NOT mcdonalds) at home and he stuck his hand in the bowl of onions and just started munching. Like full on, grabbing for more. Then he picked up a sliced onion, and laid it on his face, even tilting his head back a bit so as to not let it fall. Then he made sure everyone at the table saw it before it fell. He's never done this with food before. He was quite the ham this weekend. And we got a refresher course on our abc's because that is the ONLY song he would sing. The entire drive there.

happy now, jamie?


  1. so happy :) way to update! and kathy is going to be so excited when she hears that Travis shares her love of onions.

    glad the time with the GPs was so good!

  2. Gross travis, i think raw onions are from the Devil, just like flys!

  3. I cannot tell how you happy I am, how my heart just glows, how giddy it makes me that Travis loves raw onions!!! They are they best vegetables ever and nw meal is complete without them. I'm so happy that Travis appreciates them, because Josiah has yet to discover their greatness! Woohoo!!