Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Easter Sunday

Our Easter celebration was full of new memories to hold on to and cherish. We went to the 11 o'clock mass at st. martha's and for the first time, had to attend the "spill over" mass in the FLC. It was bilingual..which was....neat. I really wouldn't call it bilingual since every song we sang was in spanish's the same Jesus. And we still celebrate the resurrection, so hey, let's not be picky. Alleluia sounds the same in spanish anyways.

After mass, we were invited to Jeanne's oldest daughter's house..the Brown's...and they had quite the spread! Melanie and Kevin have 3 children and Jeanne's other daughter, Bridget (she sang at our wedding and Cana's funeral) and Steve have 3 children lots of fun for travis! He really tries to keep up. The grownup boys coordinated the egg hunt, outside, on the lake side/shore ...Travis remembered "uncle ray" teaching him how to skip rocks. So that must be what he should do with the eggs. Mitch spent pretty much the entire time blocking travis' shots into the water. It was hilarious!
We had also had our own egg hunt at home that morning, so travis learned pretty quickly that the eggs that make "noise" have "moneys" in them. So when we got to melanie's, at the egg hunt, he would pick up an egg, shake it, and if it didn't make noise, his first response was to put it back down. Guess he doesn't have a sweet tooth?

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