Friday, May 15, 2009

HA HA TOLD YOU SO! (Mitch's First blog)

I spent a week listening to Chris tell me that she really believed she had type II diabetes, and well I know she felt anxious and concerned that her blood sugar was too high and for me to come home with a tub of Pralines and Cream ice cream didn't help, but I wasn't as convinced as she was. So she went to see her doctor today and it turns out that she doesn't have it and that she was worrying her pretty little mind over a reading she was basing off of her gestational diabetes score. Turns out she was just tired. Travis seems to do that to even the most energetic of people.

While Chris was gone today, Travis locked himself, Wrigley (our dog) and Eliza (babysitter) out of the house for 3 hours!!! It's cool cause Eliza kept him hydrated with sips from the waterhose outside (Eliza you rule!!!).

Chris took a well deserved night off and spent it with friends while I took Travis out to dinner. We went to La Madeline where he flirted with the girls around us and ate half a quiche. He's such an awesome boy...amazes me that he's our son! I think he really digs riding around in daddy's truck as he likes to brag in public about it.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and please continue to do so! We love and pray for y'all as well! Good Night!

One more week 'til Travis and I share our B-Days!

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