Monday, July 6, 2009

Her story as i remember it...

I'd love for this post to be about my girl. But i just don't think my emotional state can handle it. So this blog is a PROMISE (to me? or to you who care to read it?) that i will write and share her story soon.

Today marks day 8 of travis' "sleep strike" (thanks jamie). He takes great naps (2 hours exactly...every day) and he goes down at night without a fight (he gave that fight up at 8 months).
But for the last week, it's been no sleep from 11ish till 4 or 5 am. No breaks. (i don't count 15-25 mins a break.) Then we sleep in seeing as we are both drained from crying..yes, both of us being me and travis....and ok, mitch too. So we all sleep in till 8 or 9 or as late as 1030. It's not a fair trade if you ask me.

So this might be the reason (MIGHT be??) for my lack of emotional stability these last few days.

I'm praying and hoping that tonight will mark the turn of events that will allow us to enjoy my friend Jen and her sweet daughter, Erin..who is coming to visit us for a week, starting tomorrow.
Jen and i were preg. together and delivered 3 days apart. Her friendship came just in time and she's carried my heart in her hands many many times! This is her 2nd visit in less than a year and she's rescuing me and my sanity, i think!

So the life story of Cana Lynn could be up in a week or so. But don't hold me to it.

One more thing,..i recently read a blog on "drowning" and it spoke what i haven't been able to...and i really pray my friends and family can understand what we need and what we long for.

Those of you who have been there with us thru all this, know i count you as my "Simon's."

The 5th station of the cross
With every step that Jesus took, the cross seemed to become heavier and heavier.
A soldier notices that Jesus is so weak, that He is stumbling and will no longer be able to carry the cross by Himself.The soldier sees Simon of Cyrene, who is not one of Jesus' followers, and forces him to help Jesus carry the cross the rest of the way.
Simon of Cyrene shouts out to the crowd in fear that he is not guilty of any crime like Jesus was accused of, but that he was being forced to help Jesus carry his cross.
Out of fear, he refused to help, but too frightened, he picked up the cross and began to walk with Jesus to Calvary.


  1. oh, girl...I read it. Thanks for sharing the link and I wait with anticipation for the story of Cana God be the glory. patsi

  2. I hope ya'll can sleep tonight. That's so rough, and it does make you feel horrible. Praying for you guys, and I can't wait to read sweet Cana's story.

  3. Thanks for your support with my blog and your beautiful comments. Please feel free to email me directly if you need to vent or want some support. I completely understand where you are right now. It will get better.