Saturday, August 1, 2009

Galveston Mini Vacay...

Just a quick prayer request...

please pray first for our trip to galveston for a mini. We are meeting Mitch's Oregon fam at a friend's beach house and it's over the canals on the bay side of galveston. The house, that is. The deck is above water. It's over water....i keep repeating this in my mind because i'm FREAKING out about having the water so close and the pending fear of losing our one living child in some horrific accident.

I know this is morbid, and i haven't gotten to this part in Cana's story yet, but when you lose a child, when they die in your arms, it becomes very easy to picture losing another. It's dark. It's not where i want to be. but it's very real to us right now at this part of the journey.

Travis is 2 years, 2 months. He is independant and stubborn. And he's SUPER tall for his age. (39") so he can reach and open doors like a stealth. We have been drilling into his head that he does NOT open doors, or run away. (he doesn't WALK ANYWHERE! he RUNS!).

I'm just afraid. Please pray for travis to miraculously just GET IT. And for our hearts to be cautious but free of anxiety. And with hope.

thank you for being with us this long.

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  1. It is a rainy day here in La and I have enjoyed some blog reading....So glad I stopped by yours. I enjoyed my visit.