Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An email Prayer Request

Fr. David Noble (LEFT-glasses) and Fr. Bruce Noble (RIGHT)

Hello friends and family
i call on you once again to join me in prayer for Fr. David Noble and brother Bruce (see email below).  Fr. David, if you remember from our journey with Cana, was the priest on hand for her baptism last Oct. 8 at Texas Children's.  We had never met, and when i told him our daughter's name, he stopped in his tracks, then sharing that he had been very involved in marriage encounter and that the sat. night experience during the weekend retreats are called "Cana."  He then stayed 4 hours past his schedule to baptize her and then sat with us in the cafeteria and prayed with us and over us, sharing in our story and even sharing a bit about theology of the body.  It was just as God had ordained so now i ask you all, as I ask our daughter to intercede for God's perfect will to be done, ultimately healing Fr. David in whichever way God plans.  For strength and for beauty in the suffering to be seen as a witness to all.

peace of Christ,

Dear All,
You may not be aware but Fr. Bruce Noble recently attended a Marriage Encounter weekend. He and his identical twin, Fr. David Noble, were Marriage Encounter priest years ago and presented over 1000 weekends on 5 continents! Fr. Bruce has recently discerned to become a presenting priest again and just attended his Deeper weekend.
Much to our shock and sadness, his brother, Fr. David very recently was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with colon & kidney involvement. He is slated to go to MD Anderson tomorrow to start therapy. After the Deeper Weekend, a week ago, both Fr. Bruce & David flew to Tampa for a retreat /conference in regard to the Anglican entrance into the Catholic church. While there, David got ill and was taken to the hospital where they performed emergency colon surgery. He now has an ostomy bag. Everything is happening very fast and they are greatly in need of prayer. They are still in Tampa and are hoping to get home today or tomorrow and go straight to MDA. Fr. Bruce sounded upbeat this morning when I talked to him.
Our hearts and prayers go out to Fr. David and Fr. Bruce, who have a very special relationship, living and working together, serving the God's people in marriage and hospital ministries all their lives. Let us pray that God may, in His great mercy and love, heal Fr. David.
Storm the heavens with prayer!
Please pass this to all your parish prayer groups and all you know.


  1. Wow, that's a lot all at once. Definitely praying for him.

  2. Thank you for posting this. Fr. Bruce is dear to us, through the Children of the Holy House. We have many friends who cherish both priests.
    again, thank you for your prayers.

  3. Fr Bruce gave me unparalelled strength during the terminal illness of my daughter, Roberta Broussard. He also conducted her funeral rites, which was very conforting. My debt to him is unsurmountable and unforgetable even after all these years, since 1988.

  4. My prayers are destined for the recovery of Fr. David and strength for Fr. Bruce in their time of greatest need. May the Lord be with them both. Dorothy Tesch, mother of Roberta Broussard