Monday, November 16, 2009

I promise, I'm still here.  Just to give you the quick run down of the latest happenings:

•   Halloween was fun!  Here's our lil spider man.  He also got a haircut that day, his first professional faux and let me just say, he rocked it out!  He was so impressed with himself, first admiring the do' and then...almost holding back the look of "dang! I look goood!"  It was a pretty hilarious sight.

•   We are 16 weeks (+ a few) along with our #3 and we'll find out what we're having on Dec. 2!  So excited!  A bit to share on how the last ultrasound went but more how i felt during it. Baby is healthy and super active.  Every once in a while, i think i feel a flutter.  I just have to wait to see if it's just gas. :)

•  Travis and I enjoy our time together a little bit more now that the first trimester is over.  I have my energy back and we take more walks.  Of course, the 70 degree weather helps a bit.  We talk a lot more and it's a joy to see him "work it out" as he forms the sentences and chooses just the right words.

•  I am preparing for CRAFT SHOW #2, St. Anthony of Padua in the woodlands, tx, DEC. 4/5, 09. I am uber pumped and as i fill orders (thank you Lord for your provision in orders and in this gift), i am trying to also build up more inventory for the show.  Mostly, i'm excited to be in the woodlands and at one of my home parishes, as this is where Mitch and I got married and where i met my dear friends Courtney and Cameron.  Looking forward to lots of familiar faces.  And i'd love to see a few new faces too!  (i.e. buy! buy! buy!)

•  Mitch and I are enjoying the little boy we are watching grow up and we anticipate with little anxiety the day travis will meet his new little.  Because travis was so young when his little sister Cana was born, he really won't have the memory of her in my belly or out.  But with this new life, i love that he is so involved and questioning and concerned and thinking of new things to ask:

"is there a baby in there?
"baby not ready yet. too small. 
baby needs to grow and grow and grow."
"where's yer belly button?  that's how baby eats."
"Is there a lot of water in there?"
"Can i take the baby to the park for a walk?  On the slide?  
I'll share my toys."
" sleeping."

And my personal favorite:
"mommy needs rest."


  1. I'm so glad things are going well. Glad you're feeling better. And a big YAY for more knitting orders. Fantastic. Praying for you. Much love.

  2. Aw, Travis is making sure his momma gets lots of rest!!! :)

  3. Will be praying on Dec. 2nd. We just went through all that and the emotions are just insane! Hope all is going well.