Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crochet Away

About a month ago, my amazing Grandma Mary (Lola) taught me how to crochet. Apparently, after years of watching her, God used my hands in such a way that I took to it very quickly. I have found that crocheting is therapy for my heart and soul. It has allowed my mind to focus so intently on the hook, yarn, pattern..that God can then work on my heart and the things i struggle with. It's also so fun to see how they turn out and pray for the little one's who will one day wear them. I don't know how far i'll take this, but we are enjoying it so far. If you are local, one of the baby consignment shops is selling them for me...i call it a 'market test' to see how they will do. At the very least, we'll make a bit to pay for christmas.

They are selling for $15. Or 2 for $25.

or if you bring me 4 orders (just tell them to reference you), i'll give you 1 free!


  1. These are prcious!
    Love them and so adorable on.
    Perfect for the cold weather fashions plus practicile. Everyone with kids should have a couple for sure! Thanks for your creativity Chris!

  2. Wow. Nice work. Really.

    I might have to contract you to make some crocheted headbands for the hair ribbons I've been learning to make :>)

  3. Your hats are so cute. I love how you have little leaves on the flowers!!