Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'll try..tomorrow.

Before I try to post my promised (and i'm sure much anticipated) :)Oct. 9th - Cana's Resurrection Day retelling....i just wanted to let you know
I'm doing...better.  I am still offering up my sad moments in faith and for Cana's little bro/sis in my tummy.  And for all unborn babies..and especially all moms with fatal diagnosis pregnancies. 

But today, i share that today is PRO-LIFE sunday in my faith and Oct. is Respect Life month.  I LOVE that my Cana was born in October.  I love that i have my entire faith community listening to homilies and gospel readings on how we recognize life IS life from conception to natural death.  For us, that gap was too close for comfort.  The conception to natural death for Cana was less than 10 months.  It was just 37 weeks.  But what an amazing 37 weeks.  It was hard not to think just all about her today.  And as I stood outside for just an hour at 230 this afternoon with about (wow, i'm terrible at judging crowds...and distances, just an fyi)...i'd say about 75?...well, as we stood and heard mostly honks of encouragement and just a couple reminders of the enemy, i would say i felt overjoyed to stand there, knowing what i know today..knowing i gave her every chance to live.  That she gives me my purpose to live every pregnancy just the same way. Knowing I wouldn't trade her Heaven for my missing...Knowing my merciful Lord and His hand in my life.  and on my heart. and in my sorrow. 

We are hoping to celebrate both her earthly birthday and her resurrection day differently.  We are hoping to create memories that will bring us we watch travis enJOY his little sister's first birthdays.

enduring the cross. embracing it as best i can today.  And i remember always...suffering  + obedience = glory.


  1. I had figured out it was you. Cana is a very unique name! Congrats on the new baby! Thank you for the encouragement. I will be praying for you and your family this week. Thursday is a special day and I will pray that God just surrounds you with the comfort only He can bring.

  2. i love you! praying for you this week in an extra special way and asking Cana Lynn for her intercession...that you could feel peace this week especially!

  3. I love you Chris...that was your ghetto-fabulous friend WIllis...I love you mucho!!!!

  4. I hope Pro-Life Sunday was a joyful day(because every single life is precious and loved) for you. I'm praying for you this week. Much love!!

  5. I did not know that Oct was Respect Life month. I think it's great your church has a ProLife sunday

  6. As I was going through my blog comments I came upon one that I hadnt (*gasp*) noticed before. THANK YOU so much for your sweet comment, and I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Cana. I love her name. I will be praying for you and especially on Thursday and Friday. I am sorry I had missed your comment before - I feel so bad!

    Thanks again, praying for you!


  7. Hey Chris, I just wanted to let you know I will be thinking of you in the coming days.

  8. Chris, Blessings to you and your family as the 9th approaches. When you're ready check out this link. She is a homeschooling mom that Kim and I know. She is a photographer who works with a ministry that goes to the hospital to photograph God's precious ones who were born with fatal diagnosis.

  9. Thank you, Chad, for referring Chris to my blog. Thank you, Chris for your comments.
    I do what I do because I can. Your sharing means the world to me.
    Thank you for standing for life!