Monday, March 15, 2010

a few from our weekend

you'll have to forgive me.  since we got the new camera, ...well, let's just say i've been hearing a lot more of "mommy, take another picture of me" from travis.  And i'm glad!  He might at well get used to seeing a camera in front of my face. 

all of these were taken during my favorite time of day: dusk. just a few perks of daylight savings.

A conversation with Elizabeth

my little sister.  7 years old.  pretty darn easy to photograph!

little sister.  freckles. 

who taught you to pose like this? 


  1. These are fantastic. I'm officially jealous and have decided I need(or maybe want but whatever) a new camera.

  2. Now what kind of camera and lens are you using? And who needs lessons?? Not sure about you need to be our teacher...