Wednesday, March 17, 2010

turning into...

Is this blog turning into just a photo blog?  Again I ask you to bare with me (by the way, is it "bear" or "bare" with me?..that has always confused me..and i HATE typos!)
but if you could just bare/bear with me while i get thru the lust stage of my relationship with my camera.  :)   Here are a few from my bedrest at mema's house with travis.  Thanks for all your help the last 3 wednesdays, mom!  We had a blast there today!  Beautiful weather, a somewhat cooperative travis - even without the nap, and some great shots to capture the day. 
 time out is for sissies

" throw me that weak stuff, Meat! "- bull durham

 I only wish I still had "her" around to show these pictures to.  My best friend and I no longer speak and i wonder if she would be proud of my work.  She is an amazing photographer and taught me everything i know..and everything i do right with this camera, i owe to her. I wish i could share these with her.


  1. you should share these pics with your old friend. maybe the camera/photos will be that "thing" that you can use to get over the awkwardness of where the friendship dried up. I bet she's thinking the same thoughts you are. chad. (too lazy to log out of kim's account.)

  2. great pics. you have another talent! You can see butch in the Travis photo in the tub.

  3. love these pics!! what type of camera is it??

  4. Great photo's Chris. I am especially fond of the black and white - seems to always evoke more feeling to me for some reason.

  5. IT's hard not to take and post lots of pics when you have such a great camera! :)