Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Elizabeth Hope is here

It's the morning after we welcomed Elizabeth Hope into our arms and right now i am watching her daddy feed her some formula because, like travis, she is not if she knows her main milk supply won't come from mommy.  (mommy had reduction surgery in 2000 and there is lots of damage to the milk ducts so they have not learned how to produce entirely enough..yet.)  But it's all good.  We are holding our 2nd baby girl, our 3rd baby, travis' 2nd little sister.  And just wait till you see the pictures of him meeting her for the first time.  I can hardly write it out without getting all misty.  :)  it was just as we'd hoped.  too beautiful for words.  And until we see the pictures that this amazing woman gifted us with, i joyously introduce:

Elizabeth Hope Milbrandt
8 lbs. 19.5 inches.

thank you Lord for your faithfulness & mercy & enduring love & sacrifice.
& Hope.


  1. Congratulations Christina! She's beautiful and I am so very happy for your family.


  2. Yeeeeeehaw!! How perfect!!!

  3. What a beautiful addition to your family! Surely Cana is a beaming Big Sister and Travis will be such a good Big Brother. Congrats to you and Mitch! We Love Ya'll.

  4. She is simply wonderful. I'm so thankful God has given you this precious jewel. I'm sure Cana is a proud sister.

  5. She is just beautiful!!! Enjoy every second with her!

  6. I love her already and cant wait for the picts of her w/ yher big brother!!! :-) Sorry your boobs arent doing what ya want, but there is hope, Avila didnt feed on me till day #3!!! :-) She is BEAUTIFUL Congrats again!!!

  7. So happy! Welcome Elizabeth!