Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Your Mom!

So i had come catching up to do, i know!   (5th post today!!!)

Enjoy a little misc. catchup post from the last 2 weeks...

April 1st, i had my 36 week appt and found we had dilated to 4.5cm.  Stricter bedrest and just 5 days till Lola would be here, praise the Lord!  Elizabeth had watched travis for us that afternoon and we came home and visited on the deck with her for a bit before she went on her way..quite abruptly, but sometimes she's weird like that. :)  So after letting travis get nice and dirty with the sand and water tables, we decided to get him in the tub.  He stripped himself down on the deck because hey, who wants sand all over the house when you can't vacuum!  As he ran down the hall to the bath, mitch and i noticed...something was just a LITTLE bit different about our boys naked bum.

Can you tell what it is?

Then just a couple from the last few days of "celebration Lola" as we rejoice in her return visit,
3rd summer, 3rd great grandbaby from this growing family.  Thank you for all the love and service and guidance and support you give us all, Lola!  Travis and Lola have such a special bond.  The first night she was here, he would just grab her over and over again and say "i love you lola"...and "give me more hugs, Lola."  Mitch and i would laugh in awe at this neat connection travis has to his great grandmother. 


  1. How beautiful!! I am referring to Trav's love for Lola, not to the bottom w/ your mom written on it! lol how random is she?