Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Resurrection Weekend

Being on bedrest had just gotten so old as i looked out the window on that beautiful Easter Saturday...so i fluttered my eyelashes as best i could and Mitch let me talk him into all of us (mema included) going to the little area "spring celebration", as long as i kept my butt on a blanket.  Most of the pictures i take lately are from the view from my couch, a chair on the deck, or, as was the case this saturday, my view from a blanket in a park.  :)   We only stayed long enough for me to be uncomfortable.  and satisfied.


mema tried to get travis to do the bunny hop

Do you have..."ice ice baby?"


  1. Mitch wins the award for best husband ever. YAY!!

  2. Yes, we had a great time! Enjoyed being with youse guys! me ma