Tuesday, April 13, 2010

THIS is what bedrest does to me....

A few weeks ago, i browsed THIS blog, and she mentioned THIS wonderful woman.  Then I was at THIS friends house and she gave me half of her dough from THIS recipe.  So that inspired me to make my own and it's all i can think about now.  What can i top our pizza with next?  It can only get better, honestly.  Elizabeth and I were probably more impressed than were Mitch and Lola.  *thank you for affirming me, E!  And so i guess i'll take it as a challenge to impress them more next time.  Maybe they can at least be impressed with the picture?  :)


  1. Oh my soul that looks good. My SIL and I would totes love that. Drool.............

  2. yea for pioneer woman! glad you enjoyed and embraced my gift of crust. :)

  3. Looks good. I need to get back into reading your blog more often!