Saturday, April 24, 2010

Look what she did...

I wish i could take more time at this moment to sing praises of the photographer (and now friend, sister in Christ..and midwife stand in) who freely gave of her time and encouragement and support and prayers and gifts in spend tuesday with us as we delivered Elizabeth Hope.  Miss Linda....may you be richly this life and in the one we live for!
Here are a couple she let me sneak at peak at.  We're so blessed!!!


  1. She captured some wonderful moments.

  2. Chris,
    These pics are amazing! You can truly see a the grace of god in these! I was so blessed to be able to witness that grace.

  3. Can't wait to show you the rest! I have another birth to finish today, a senior shoot tonight and then I am ALL yours.
    Thank you for you kind words. Truly though, I am surprised every time I get it right. :)