Saturday, April 24, 2010

Never a dull moment

Travis is apparently not going to allow his new baby sister to overshadow him.  On friday morning, the first morning home with our 2 babes, around 1030 am, i jumped in the shower to get ready to take miss E for her first pediatrician visit to check up on her jaundice. Travis was going to stay home with Lola.  I heard a very loud thump.  I hurried out of the shower, opened the door and asked, kind of half pleading that nothing drastic was wrong, what had happened.  Big E was here and she very calmly stated that travis had fallen in the kitchen and his front tooth fell out.  SERIOUSLY?!  I could hear lola and mitch asking travis to spit in the sink while he was screaming and saying "my tooth!"  My poor boy.  I got upstairs as fast as i could and saw the damage. sweet baby boys smile....

So we got in touch with the dentist who saw travis when he was 14 months and had crawled up onto a chair and then tried to climb across the window sill, only to come crashing down ON the window sill and push his two front teeth back up into his gums.
 1st tooth injury: july 4, 2008

This newest injury/loss is a result of the root of those teeth being weak and so the break was clean..  Dentist said he will most likely get his big boy teeth in sooner than normal and that they may be weak at first too.

 1st tooth out: April 25, 2010

My fragile emotional state just can't take another accident.  I think there is a blue moon beer in the fridge calling my name. :)

so much more to share with you all.  How God moved so clearly in the room as miss E was being born.  How Big E was affected by her new goddaughter's birth and what she did with that new experience.  How "everyone poops" has become a joke within a story.  How i can see a little bit of Cana when i look into the face of our little girl, finally in our arms.


  1. Oh, I love all the pictures! She's so precious!!

    My goodness, he won't be outdone!! It's a good thing it was just a baby tooth!

  2. Precious! New little grand baby Elizabeth Hope... She is a living doll of course Thank You, God.

    Yes, you have your hands full darlings. What you didn't think of these stars of your life will.

    Jesus Peace & God's Love to you all forever,
    G-pa & G-ma CJ

  3. She's beautiful. And Travis is incredibly handsome without teeth. It's a great story for a great laugh. Thinking of ya'll.

  4. She is so precious. I see you got her blanket. I was over joyed to be able to make that for your new little one. ENJOY!!